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This 8 day tour of Iceland was everything we expected plus more. Iceland, by it’s geographic position, is geologically unique – like no other place on earth. We saw incredible waterfalls, glaciers, icebergs, mud pots, fumerals, geysers and other geothermic activity, whales, puffins, arctic terns and other cold climate birds, unique volcanic formations and lava flows, unique Icelandic horses, sheep galore, and learned so much about the Icelandic culture and history through tour guide interpretation and museum visits. Food staples include fish and lamb primarily, with root vegetables and greenhouse grown tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers. For the daring, you can try whale, horsemeat, or rotten shark as a one-time experience. Icelandic brewed beer is excellent1 The most famous restaurant in Iceland is a hot dog stand in Reykjavik. Icelanders are extremely friendly, welcoming, and tourism is an important part of their economy. All the locals speak fluent Icelandic and English. 96% of Iceland’s energy is from geothermic sources including electrical and hot water generation. Swimming is very popular in Iceland with all pools geothermal heated. The hotels were nice, not fancy, and the food served was excellent. When eating on your own, food is very expensive. Touring Iceland on your own can also be very expensive due to high rental car rates and $8/gal gas prices. A guided bus tour is the best way to see the highlights of the island. Two-thirds of Iceland’s 320,000 population live in Reykjavik with the rest of the country being very sparsely populated. A village of 500 is considered large. We even had an opportunity to fish. Bob caught a 12 lb. and 8 lb. Cod, Lana a 5 lb. fish which along with others were brought back to the hotel, prepared wonderfully and served at dinner. We actually caught our own dinner!

Iceland is one of the best kept secrets for tourism - a totally unique and inspiring vacation trip during summer months. It is only recently come into prominence as a great place to visit and experience a land like no other and are so glad we chose to go there and see it for ourselves. All of our pictures can be seen at: ,

To learn more about Iceland, we have developed a list of Iceland facts that make Iceland unique.

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